We're on a Mission to Harmonize Collaboration

At Huikui, we believe in the power of sound to connect us, in the magic of collaboration to elevate our creations, and in the importance of accessibility and ease for every user.

Our mission is to harmonize the process of audio collaboration, making it seamless for professionals and enthusiasts alike to share, refine, and perfect their projects.

With a platform designed around the principles of simplicity, privacy, and mobile-first innovation, we're dedicated to providing an environment where every voice can be heard, and every feedback can be a stepping stone towards excellence. Join us in redefining the way we collaborate on audio, one note at a time.

How it started

So, Tim and Kristoffer were making music in Oslo, Norway until Tim decided to hit the music business books in Brisbane, Australia.

That's when things got a bit knotty. Trying to sync up through a maze of emails and timestamps? It felt more like a tricky dance than a sweet melody. Then, bam! We had this awesome idea:

"How about making feedback simple?"

And just like that, only 7 years later Huikui came to life.

We teamed up with Thomas - a musician, producer, and UX designer, then another Kristoffer, who is a musician, producer, and full-stack developer.

Yep, we found the groove.

Huikui, our little masterpiece, is a breeze to use – just seconds to start, no instructions needed! Perfect for mobile, so anyone can easily jump in and share feedback, skills aside. Try our Huikui for a more easy-going, inclusive creative chat. Huikui keeps the creative feedback flowing, no matter how many miles and time zones apart we are.

Kristoffer, Kristoffer, Thomas & Tim